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Aims and Scope

The overall aim of the TCR is to advance and disseminate knowledge in all related areas of carbohydrates to benefit the carbohydrate community. It offers an international forum for exchange of latest research and developments related to various scientific and technological aspects of carbohydrates and publishes original research in form of normal length research papers, short reports, review articles in the following facets lie well within the scope of this journal.

1. Carbohydrate polymers having current or potential industrial applications, their structures, properties, and modifications both chemical and microbiological.

2. Chemistry and biology of carbohydrates including synthesis, structure elucidation, stereochemistry, reaction mechanism, isolation of natural molecules, physicochemical studies, biosynthesis, metabolism, degradation, structural and functional biochemistry, enzymes- their action and mechanisms, immunochemistry, and glycobiology.

3. Analytical methods / chemistry of carbohydrates

4. Technologies for conversion or production of industrially important carbohydrates including methods, processes, and systems. The journal also publishes reports of conferences, book reviews, news items, details of forthcoming meetings and contributions describing industrial applications.

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